The Worst Excuses to Miss a Workout (and One Good One)


The Worst Excuses to Miss a Workout (and One Good One)

We’ve all been there: the alarm clock goes off, and instead of springing out of bed, throwing on your shoes and heading out the door to go to the Fit Yard for fat shredding goodness, you think to yourself “I’m tired…”. The snooze button is hit and you’re back in dream land. Don’t give in! Or rather, don’t give in unless your excuse really is a good one.

Here’s our list of the worst excuses we come across for skipping workouts. Plus an actual good excuse.

Bad Excuse 1: My significant other is concerned…

Our significant others are important, and for good reason. We spend more time with them than anyone else, and they could be our lifetime companions. Their opinions matter, and we should respect them. But sometimes they’re wrong, and it’s important to realize that.

Well meaning significant others can but the breaks on our fitness in a number of ways, but the most common is concern. They might be concerned that we’re not spending enough time with them, or that we’re pushing ourselves too hard. If quality time is a concern, you should absolutely work on that, but not at the expense of your health. Make time for them and the gym. If they’re worried about you pushing too hard in the gym, don’t worry. You’re almost certainly not. There are people who workout several hours a day. Your body is resilient. You are resilient.

Address your significant other’s concerns, and then get your butt to the gym. Your health is worth it.

Bad Excuse 2: You’re out of shape

This one is understandable psychologically but totally illogical. Many people are embarrassed about their bodies. Maybe they’ve gotten out of shape after pregnancy, or just years of being desk bound, but in any case, their body isn’t where they want it to be. Too often, people in this situation don’t want to be seen in the gym due to embarrassment. They worry they’ll me made fun of or laughed it.

In our experience, this never happens. Gyms are incredibly supportive and people really want to help others achieve their goals. No one will judge you for trying to make your life better, and they will respect you for putting in the hard work to be better tomorrow than you are today. If you wait until you’re fit to step into the gym, you’ll never get there.

It’s okay. You can do this.

Bad Excuse 3: Next Monday…

This is essentially the micro version of the New Year’s resolution. You think that you’ll start eating healthy, working out and generally being awesome…next week. There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them. Don’t worry about being perfect at some future date. Start making small changes today. Eat a little healthier, get a little more exercise, and start making progress towards your goal. Little changes add up, and before you know it people will be commenting on how much fitter you look.

The best time to start getting in shape is 10 years ago. The second best time is today.

Good Excuse: Injury

If you have a real injury (read: not a broken nail or little bruise), then you need to focus on getting healthy. Working out an injured area can make the injury worse, delay healing and cause you pain. If you have serious pulled muscles, sprains, broken bones, etcetera, talk to your doctor, and do what they say. The whole point of working out is to be healthy, and having a sprain that never heals because you’re a workout addict isn’t healthy.

You have to use your judgement on this, but a good rule to go by is that if the injury is impacting your life outside of the gym (i.e. limping from an Achilles Tendon sprain), then take some time to deal with it before working out that area of the body.

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