What Makes Us Unique


What Makes Us Unique

There are more fitness studios than Circle Ks. Or at least it can seem that way. Anyone looking to get in great shape, maintain their current level of fitness or improve their health has plenty of options. Options are great; they allow us to find the perfect fit. They can also be overwhelming. What methodology is best? Who can you trust? Will program X work?

It’s a big decision to make. You want a workout program that complements your life, and makes you the best you can be. We can’t make the decision for you, of course, but we can tell you what makes our program awesome. We think we’ve built something great, and we hope to make your decision a little easier. Our approach to fitness is holistic, combining strength, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility training, nutrition and accountability. We focus on creating complete fitness, that leaves you ready to conquer whatever life throws at you.


Our Lift & Blast classes are our answer for strength. Strength training is a fundamental component of fitness, no matter what your goals are. Training with weights helps prevent osteoporosis and other diseases, as well as torching calories, improving posture and decreasing the risk of injuries. Strength training is a fundamental component of any well designed exercise program, and should never be neglected.


Your heart and lungs’ capacity to power your body is a paramount aspect of fitness. In our Ride & Stride classes, we spend around an hour on exercise bikes and ellipticals, getting a total body workout that burns tons of calories, works the entire body and challenges your heart and soul. We use ellipticals so that all of our cardio classes offer a truly total body workout, and we use advanced equipment so that we can measure results, track progress and take advantage of your inner competitor.


If your body can’t move in the way you want or complete the exercises you need, then you’re missing a key component of fitness. Mobility and flexibility are your body’s ability to move throughout a full range of motion. Because we don’t move as much as we should in modern society, and spend much of our time in chairs, we’ve lost a lot of our natural movement ability. Flex & Roll classes help regain and improve mobility, as well we strengthening core muscles and relaxing the mind. Our mobility classes are designed to help clients move freely, remain injury free and enjoy their bodies.

Nutrition and Body Composition Testing

Health and fitness must be looked at as more than just workout hours logged in the gym. In order to be truly healthy, you need to power your body with high-quality foods, and in order to make progress you have to take honest measurements and be accountable. Our extra services include nutrition coaching, healthy meals-to-go and body composition testing so you have everything you need to be accountable, hit your goals and get it done.

So, why do we think we’re special? Because we offer a complete package. We tackle all areas of fitness, show you how to fuel your body and give you the tools you need to measure progress and stay on track. We’re here for you whether you need to turn your life around, keep on track or take your fitness to the next level. If you want to know more about what the Fit Yard can do for you, call us at 727-216-9650. We’ll talk to you soon.