Why We Use the Best Equipment


Why We Use the Best Equipment

At the Fit Yard, we aim to create the ultimate fitness experience. No excuses, no gimmicks, just safe, effective and intense workouts that keep busy people in great shape. Our methodology incorporates cardio, strength training and mobility work to ensure that all the key areas of fitness are covered, and our clients are getting everything they need to lead healthy lives and hit their fitness goals.

Although we use many tools to aid us in our mission, one of our key components is our use of Keiser M3i Indoor Cycles and M5i Striders. We chose to outfit our gym with Keiser because it’s the best, pure and simple. Keiser bikes and striders use magnetic resistance and Bluetooth technology, as well as being fully adjustable so that they’re a perfect fit for anyone looking to get a great workout. On top of that, Keiser’s Striders offer an actual full body workout, so you look great top to bottom.


Anyone can ride a bike or use a strider, but without accountability it’s impossible to know how hard you’re pushing yourself, or if you’re improving. That’s where Keiser’s Bluetooth integration comes in. Our classes use Bluetooth outputs from your bike to project your progress on a screen; you’ll see exactly how hard you’re working, be able to compete with classmates, and push yourself to the next level.

We can also sync your outputs with a phone app so you can easily see your progress overtime, set goals and stay accountable. What gets measured gets taken care of. That’s why we measure your workouts.

Magnetic Resistance

Keiser’s use of magnetic resistance is brilliant. First, it’s super quiet. This makes it easier to hear your instructor, and enjoy the music we play in our classes. It’s way more enjoyable to workout without loud screeching from gears and chains. Second, and most importantly, magnetic resistance lets you dial in your workout exactly. You know exactly how much resistance you’re getting, and you’re able to ensure consistent increases in fitness as you dial it up. Having perfectly calibrated difficulty makes it easy for you to hop on and know exactly what you’re getting, so you can focus on the workout and not on messing with your bike or strider’s settings.

Fully adjustable

You ever use a bike that doesn’t fit you correctly? It stinks. Keiser’s bikes and striders are fully adjustable, making it easy for anyone to hop on, quickly adjust everything and then get a great workout. No fuss, just fitness.

Total Body

Lots of cardio gyms claim that their classes are full body. Typically, this just means they incorporate hand weights or some other gimmick into their exercise bike routines. That’s both dangerous and ineffective.

Keiser’s M5i Strider offers a true full body workout. Your legs power the the pedals of the strider, and the handles allow you to push and pull simultaneously. This not only hits the most important muscle groups safely, but the pulling motions balance out the pushing motions, so that you improve posture and counteract the effects of sitting at the desk all day.
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