Top Ten Health and Fitness Blogs that You Need to Follow


Top Ten Health and Fitness Blogs that You Need to Follow

Fitness, health and wellness aren’t destinations. They’re journeys. You’ll never wake up and say “this is it, I’m exactly where I want to be”. You’ll always be striving, and that’s okay. That’s human. We’re designed to keep reaching for goals, and keep improving ourselves.

A big part of that journey is education. Every year new discoveries are made in science and technology, and that inevitably changes how we perceive fitness, exercise and nutrition. So it makes sense to keep reading! There are lots of ways to stay up to date with changes in the health and fitness landscape, but one of the best ways is to find a few blogs that work for you, and read them when you have the time.

Here are our top ten health and fitness blog recommendations:

Nerd Fitness

The best thing about Nerd Fitness is that it blends nerd culture and gym culture beautifully. Lots of the site’s workouts and diets are super hero themed, or based on video games. It really makes fitness accessible.

Breaking Muscle

The folks over at Breaking Muscle put out a ton of great information. They cover everything from nutrition and yoga, to general fitness, olympic and powerlifting and more. If you want to know more about a specific topic or just want to expand your horizons, we can’t recommend this site enough.

Onnit Academy

The Onnit Academy is an elite fitness center in Austin, Texas. They train high-end athletes as well as everyday people. Their trainers are amazing, and their content is great. If you want to know what the best minds in the field of fitness are saying, this is the blog to read.

Paleo Leap

Unless you’ve been living under a fitness rock, you’ve no doubt heard about the paleo diet, based on eating more in line with our evolutionary adaptations. Although the diet has critics, and we tend to take a modified paleo approach here at the Fit Yard, there’s still a ton of great recipes and articles at Paleo Leap. Check it out!

Nom Nom Paleo

Meal planning is hard, and Nom Nom Paleo helps to make it easier. If you’re interested in giving the paleo lifestyle a try, but not sure where to begin, check out Nom Nom. Having a meal plan can make things way easier for you.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen specializes in organic, lean foods that allow you to still eat the things you love, but to do it in a way what’s healthy. Check out Lexi’s blog and cookbook. They’re worth it.

Gym Jones

The crew from Gym Jones don’t mess around. They’re an invitation only gym in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they train special operations forces, athletes and movie stars like Henry Cavill. If you want a more hard core, no excuses approach to fitness, look no further than Gym Jones’ blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Despite the name, talks about a lot more than bodybuilding. You can find great articles about nutrition, yoga, running, and other fitness endeavors. They publish a lot of content from big names in the industry, and there’s always something new, so check them out.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers everything from tailored fitness programs to a great blog packed with knowledge you can put to use right away. Their articles are generally a little shorter, so you can easily read one when you have a couple minutes break at work or some dead time standing in line.

Carrots ‘N Cake

Carrots ‘N Cake takes a great approach to nutrition. The site emphasizes flexible dieting, which means that you can have your cake and eat it too! The idea is that you eat mostly healthy but enjoy the occasional sweet in moderation. A great idea for mental health!