Top 3 Reasons to Do Strength Training


Top 3 Reasons to Do Strength Training

Strength training is often seen in the light that it’s name suggest: gaining strength. The idea of training to improve strength conjures up images of bodybuilders and powerlifters spending hours bench pressing and squatting, and many people outside of those circles aren’t sure if strength training is appropriate for them. It is. Strength training is extremely beneficial to people from all walks of life, from physique and strength athletes to stay-at-home moms and aging retirees just looking to stay active and healthy. Although increased strength and appearance are huge benefits, there are several less obvious benefits that everyone should know about when choosing a fitness program.

Here are our top 3.

Burns Calories

Many people are unaware of the calorie burning affect that training with weights has, and that’s a shame. Too often people associate strength training with bulking up and adding weight, but an intelligently designed weight program is a great way to torch calories. A Harvard study found that just 30 minutes of weight training can burn about 90 calories for a 125 pound adult, and over 130 calories for a 185 pound adult. That’s awesome!

In addition to the calories burned during the workout, an increase in lean muscle mass increases the metabolism, and causes your body to burn more calories while resting. Not a bad benefit at all. So if you’re more concerned with losing weight than gaining muscle, don’t discount weights and strength training.

Helps the Bones

Bone density is a very important aspect of bone health. Diseases like osteoporosis result from a significant decrease in bone density.  Since less bone density greatly increases the risk of cracked or fractured bones, which can derail your life for months when severe, it makes sense to do everything possible to maintain healthy bone density. That’s where strength training comes in. Lots of research shows that resistance training not only prevents loss of bone density, but that it can reverse previously lost bone density. This makes strength training an extremely valuable tool for people looking to remain healthy in the long run, and stay injury free.

Prevents Diseases

In addition to preventing diseases like osteoporosis, regular strength training reduces the risk of a host of other diseases. Controlling blood pressure, lowering blood lipids and even maintaining telomere length (which slows aging), are all benefits associated with a regular strength training program. Resistance training is one of the best all-round things you can do for your health. You’ll look and feel great, be less likely to get sick and injured, and be better able to live life.

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