Three Ways to Motivate Yourself on Days When You’re Just Not Feeling It


Three Ways to Motivate Yourself on Days When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Once you get to the gym and start working out, it’s not that bad. Usually, it’s even fun, and you feel great afterwards. But getting there is hard! Days you just want to snooze in the mornings, or go home after work are rough. It’s hard to find your motivation sometimes. We get it. But we also know that it’s worth it, so we racked our brains and came up with a list of the top 3 ways to get motivated when you’re just not feeling it.

Write Down Goals and Keep that List Visible

Understanding your “why” is a huge aspect of getting and staying in shape. Is it to look good for a wedding? To be able to play with your kids? Whatever your reason is, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it. Putting it on your fridge at home, or your desk at work is a great start. It’s easier to say no to the box of donuts a coworker just brought in when you’ve been staring at your “fit into dress by June 15th” goal all day.

Having a constant reminder of what you’re trying to achieve makes it easier to understand the choices you make everyday. Instead of a more vague “what’s the harm?”, you have a definitive “this action is not congruent with my goals”.

Get a Fitness Buddy

Having a partner in crime with regards to your fitness is a huge benefit. Having the social pressure and expectation that you will be at the gym at a certain time makes it much harder to ditch the gym. On days when you’re okay with letting yourself down, you’re much less likely to do the same to a friend who you know is waiting for you.

Gym buddies also help you push yourself harder when you’re at the gym, so it’s a gift that keeps giving. Find someone who’s fitness goals are inline with yours, and partner up.

Reward Yourself

Humans respond to incentive. It’s something we’ve known for a long time, and providing appropriate incentives is an art in and of itself. So take advantage of that fact by rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. Have a goal weight you’re trying to hit? Buy a new wardrobe once you hit that number.

Make sure your goals aren’t counterproductive, though. Rewarding yourself with a 1000 calorie meal after the gym will quash your goals fast.

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