Setting Goals for 2019


Setting Goals for 2019

With the new year brings encouraging messages pushing us to think about the next milestone.   The issue is most of the time these good intentions don’t get accomplished because there is no strategy or focus behind it.  

When setting goals what we don’t think about enough is the strategy of how to accomplish them. Here are steps you can follow today to set some goals for 2019 you will achieve:

1-  Grab a pen and paper, journal, your phone (you can use the notes section in your phone)

2-  Formulate your goals.  Keep in mind it can be just one, or a few.  Use questions like these to help you:

    What does success look like to you?

    What do you want to achieve?

    What excites you?

    What challenge do you want to embark on?

    Who do you want to be?   

Don’t be scared to think big! YES you want these goals to be attainable but believe in yourself and all that you are.  

3-  For each goal answer the question “Why do you want this?” Your why is not only integral to the goal setting process but it’s also something you will have to remind yourself of along the way.  Obstacles, roadblocks and deviations are inevitable on the path to achieving goals. Remembering your WHY is often the key to getting back on track.

4-  What are you willing to do? Not to do?  Now that you have your goals written down ask yourself “Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve the goal?” OR “Am I willing to not do what it takes to achieve the goal?”  They both mean the same thing. Here are two examples:

    1) You are currently hovering around 23% body fat.  One goal for 2019 is to get down to     18% bodyfat and maintain that level.  

    ARE YOU WILLING? to track your nutrition consistently and plan ahead of time so you     don’t make poor choices like you did previously.

    2) Here’s another example: You want to lose another 15 lbs.  

    ARE YOU WILLING NOT? to skip workouts like you did previously?

The excuses are only hindering your progress and getting in the way of YOU achieving YOUR goals.  You need to be willing to not make excuses and get out of your own way. It’s ok to be honest and admit you may not be ready to achieve a goal because you’re not willing yet.  You can revisit a goal on 2/2/19, 3/24/19 etc. Goals don’t just have to be set on the first of the year!

5- Don’t go goal crazy. It’s better to focus on one, or a few things, and nail them than set 10+ goals on be overwhelmed.  As mentioned in #3 you can set new goals any time of the year! Focus on one or a few goals and THEN you can start crushing new ones.  

6- Write down HOW you’ll accomplish these goals. This doesn’t have to be a super complicated spreadsheet outlining every single step.  However, you DO need to take accountability for how YOU plan to accomplish your goal. Using the previous example:

1) You want to get down to 18% body fat.  You know that you’ve struggled consistency of your nutrition in the past.  Your plan is to instill a planning ahead habit. You reflect on why you haven’t made this a habit previously?  Maybe you need more structure and simplicity with your meal planning or a dedicated time each day or over the weekend to meal prep.  Your strategy is to test out different ways of planning and prepping to figure out how to become consistent with your nutrition.

Keep this very simple.  The lengthier the more overwhelming.  You want this all to seem simple and doable.  The more complicated the more your subconscious will put up blocks to avoid it.

9- Share your goals with someone.  This helps with accountability. If you are looking to achieve Health & Fitness goals need extra accountability consider Nutrition Coaching or Online Personal Training at The Fit Yard, email [email protected] for details.   

10- Keep your goals visible and revisit them as often as possible.  Our world is filled with distractions. To stay focused on long term goals you need daily reminders.  What is one place you look at daily? Post your goals there!

For this to be an effective exercise you must write your goals down.  Why? Writing down clear goals:

1- pushes you to state what you really want and why.

2- motivates you to take action.

3-  helps you weed out things that are less important.

4- gives you a point of reference so you can monitor your progress and celebrate successes.

The Fit Yard is wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with lots of goal crushing!  We are here to help you in person and online to achieve the BEST YOU!