Self Care


Self Care

Everybody now a day is busy.  Life is fast-paced and hectic. And many of us spend so much time taking care of others or working, we forget to stop, rest, reset, and take a little care of ourselves!

After integrating self-care habits into your daily life, you will still have a to-do list and full life, but you will feel more rested and grateful instead of frantic and overwhelmed.

In a recent article in Psychology today, it stated that being kind to yourself can actually help you to bounce back, live healthier, and stay on track with your goals.  It is amazing how taking a little time to care for yourself can actually help you be more productive in your day. You have to fill your tank before you head out on a journey!

Showing yourself kindness and self-compassion when faced with difficult life struggles or failures can transform your relationship with yourself and promote healthier ways of living.

Self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Research on self-compassion shows that it is associated with:

  • Less anxiety and depression
  • More optimism
  • Better recovery from stress
  • Better adherence to healthy behavior changes, such as exercise or diet

Self-Care Tips-

GRATITUDE– Take a moment to look out the window and feel gratitude for the sunrise, nature, your warm house, food in your cupboards, anything that you may often take for granted.

ENJOY FRESH FLOWERS– Buy or pick fresh flowers and set them out in your home.

FUEL YOUR BODY WITH WHOLE FOODS – fueling your body with nourishing whole foods each day will feel so much more energized! Have you been struggling with your nutrition? Contact us(link to email [email protected]) about Nutrition Coaching or order healthy meals that can be picked up at our studio from mindovermattermeals (website link) (they also deliver!)

MOVE YOUR BODY- Let’s take care of our bodies by moving them! We sit too much and our bodies are made to move! Aim to get 10,000 steps and a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Struggling to get motivated to workout?  Have you tried a class at The Fit Yard yet? What are you waiting for?! This is your week! Our unique, efficient and effective classes will have you looking forward to your workout! Visit our schedule(link to our schedule) and book your class. Not local ? Contact us about Online Training!

DEEP BREATHING –  Deep breathing is one of the most underutilized ways to practice self care. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles.  4 seconds in 4 seconds out is a good benchmark. Try this for 1-5 minutes and work up to multiple times per day.

STRETCH YOUR BODY – Do 5-10 minutes of yoga, stretching or foam rolling.  Or how about a Flex & Roll class at The Fit Yard? It’s a Yoga Fusion class sure to stretch your body with foam rolling at the end!  

FORGIVE – Take a moment to reflect on your struggles, mistakes, failures, and inadequacies. Then forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Treat yourself with the same compassion you would a close friend. Show yourself kindness rather than harsh self-judgment.

SLEEP- Never ever underestimate the power of sleep to heal, repair, energize, rest and care for your body. A good benchmark for most people is 7 hours per night.  Already getting 7? It’s ok to be greedy and aim for more! Want an easy trick to improve your sleep that costs less than $10? Buy a black out sleep mask! Available on our amazon store: ( link to main page, make sure sleep mask is somewhere on there)

RESTORATIVE SERVICES-  from massage therapy, cryotherapy, normatec compression therapy float tanks  and saunas there is a little something for everyone now! Try something to help your body feel its best!  Located in the Tampa Bay Area? Our owners love Elite Body Cryotherapy for cryotherapy and Normatec check them out at  (website link)