Fit Yard Results – Finding Fitness


Fit Yard Results – Finding Fitness

I was at a crossroads in December 2016.  I was doing a lot of High Intensity Interval Training but was at my all time heaviest weight: 139lbs/23% Body Fat.  I was sluggish and wasn’t performing as well as my exercise routine suggested I should.

I was doing the latest nutrition program recommended to me: a low carb, high fat diet but wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be seeing. That’s when I consulted with Karina. Karina guided me with nutrition support and I quickly learned a low carb diet was not the diet for me. Karina’s plan integrated a lot more carbs/protein and less fat. I was no longer hungry all the time and could definitely see my body changing.

Karina also has a strong belief in allowing your body to build muscle to effectively make your body work as a “well oiled machine”.  She introduced weights to my exercise routine and in one short month, I was down 6 pounds.  I’ve now lost 15 pounds, gained a significant amount of muscle and I am down to 13.6% Body Fat. 

Results from the Fit Yard

My stamina has improved, my hormones are back in balance and I feel great!  What makes Karina’s nutrition support so effective is I can eat what I want as long as I stay in the macro ranges.  I also have used Karina’s online personal training which provides workout videos that show me exactly what to do on my time.   If you need direction and are ready to change your life, I highly recommend getting Karina and The Fit Yard on your team!