Quick Facts and FAQ’s


Quick Facts and FAQ’s

Quick Facts

  • Fitness studio offering Group Classes and Small Group Personal Training along with additional services we call the “Whole 9 Yards”
  • State-of-the-art brand new equipment
  • Sufficient parking and a convenient location
  • Showers, men’s and women’s locker rooms with self locking locks  
  • A variety of membership options along with packs of classes and sessions to ensure you find your Fit.  
  • 3 types of Group Classes: Ride & Stride (cardio focus) Lift & Blast (strength focus) Flex & Roll (mind-body focus)
    • Group Classes have a maximum of 20 people in class
    • Ride & Stride includes an interactive performance board to ignite your competitive sprit and push you further
    • Sign-up online or through our Fit Yard app to reserve your spot
    • 55 minute classes offered at convenient times throughout the day
    • Classes are all pre-designed to ensure, regardless of the instructor, you will get a great workout
    • Every class is different to prevent boredom and keep your body guessing
    • Get your results from class sent right to The Fit Yard app your app to track progress
  • Small Group Personal Training includes strength, cardio and mobility into an awesome 55 minute workout
    • Sessions have a maximum of 5 people
    • Sign up online or through our Fit Yard app
    • Every? Session includes boxing or kickboxing intervals
    • 55 minute classes offered at convenient times throughout the day
    • Every session is different to prevent boredom and keep your body guessing
    • Great for people who prefer a more intimate environment
    • Small Group Personal Training Members will receive Nutrition Coaching and Body Composition Analysis included in their membership
  • Whole 9 Yards is how we help you take your results to the next level.  
    • Nutrition Coaching includes a customized nutrition program, a face to face consultation with a nutrition coach, monthly body composition test and weekly online check-ins with your coach.  
    • Online Personal Training includes Nutrition Coaching (see above) along with customized workout programs and access to The Fit Yard Online Personal Training App to communicate with your trainer, check in weekly, track your workouts and progress.  
    • Body Composition Testing, using the latest state of the art equipment Fit3d and Inbody570, the Fit Yard measures your progress using a two-pronged approach, measuring both internal and external compositions.  We are thrilled to be the only studio to offer Fit3d and Inbody570, to read more about these products click here: Fit3d  and Inbody570



Do you offer packs of classes or just monthly memberships?

We offer both 10 packs and 20 packs of Group Classes and Small Group PT sessions along with memberships for both.

How do I know which membership/pack option is best for me?

Go online and fill out your information in the contact us section.   We will send you a questionnaire (it is also attached to a waiver which will be kept in your file as your waiver when you sign up.) A team member with contact you via email or phone (based on your preference) and help you choose which option is best for you.  There is no one-size-fits-all membership.  It really depends on your current schedule and goals.  

What is your cancellation policy?  

Monthly Renewing Members may cancel memberships by notifying Studio personnel of his/her wish to cancel by calling, email [email protected], or in person, any time during business hours at least 10 days prior to the first day of the month to be cancelled.


Do you have showers, lockers a locker room?

Yes, we have showers, a men’s and women’s locker room and lockers with self locking locks so you don’t have to bring your own.  

Do you offer towel and water service?

At this time we do not offer towel or water service.  However, we have hand towels and water bottles for purchase along with water fountains.    

Do you offer childcare?

We do not offer childcare at this time.  

Are you able to use the equipment for personal use or just when a class is going on?  

No, our studio is for classes and small group personal training sessions.  


How do I sign up for classes?

You will be able to sign up through our app or website.  Also, when you are at the Yard a team member can pre-register you.  

How far in advance can I sign up for classes?

On Sundays at 6pm the schedule opens up for the following week.  So it ends up being about a week and a half in advance.

What is your cancellation policy for classes?

We ask that you cancel 24 hours in advance.  At this time we will not be charging (unlimited) or taking away your sessions (8/12 monthly) for late cancels.  However, we reserve the right to change this policy if we see habitual late cancels.  

Do you have a waitlist for classes and sessions?

Yes, up to 10 people can be on a waitlist for classes and up to 5 for sessions.  You will receive an email and text message if you get in to a class.