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Ride & Stride

Our revolutionary 55 minute Ride & Stride group cardio experience, combines 40 minutes of indoor cycling with 15 minutes of indoor striding. We combine bluetooth technology with our bikes and striders, so that your competitive spirit comes alive in a way you never thought possible. You’ll be able to monitor your performance and track your progress so that you achieve your goals, get fit, and have fun.

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Lift & Blast

55 minutes, total body strength training, constant variety: the ultimate way to get results. In our Lift & Blast group strength class you’ll use TRX straps, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes and more to work your entire body. We’ve designed our strength workouts to build a lean, muscular frame, and increase your metabolic rate, so that you’re maximizing fat loss. Lift & Blast will push you to new heights.

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Flex & Roll 

A healthy body is a body that can move through the full range of motion without getting injured. In our 55 minute Flex & Roll group class we mix yoga, pilates, core training, functional bodyweight strength training and self myofascial release, so that you can develop body awareness and a healthy flexibility. The class is set to music so you can zone out from your busy day while improving your focus, and reducing your chance of injury both in class and out.

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Fit Camp 

Get a full-body 55 minute Boot Camp Style Circuit workout in our Fit Camp class. With up to 10 people per class, we combine strength, cardio and mobility training using various equipment ranging from kettlebells to the Powerwave and Tank! No two workouts are the same. 

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Whole 9 Yards 

When you’re looking for more, we offer services that help you go the whole 9 yards to get the most out of your Fit Yard experience and accelerate your results.With online coaching you work with one of our certified coaches to tailor a workout plan specifically to meet your needs, and then check in with them online weekly to ensure you attain your desired results.  

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