Lift & Blast

  • Total Body Strength Training near St. Petersburg FL

Strength is the foundation of a healthy body, and our unique strength training method is designed to help you build and maintain lean muscle while burning body fat so you can get maximum body shaping results in minimal time.

In Lift & Blast we’ll take you through a 55 minute class, using everything from TRX and battle ropes, to dumbbells, steps and medicine balls. No two classes are the same, to keep your muscles guessing, and your mind engaged. Our unique format combines two-in-one resistance training exercises with compound lifts and cardio blasts.

This comprehensive and inspiring full body approach tones and builds muscle, while increasing fat loss: the recipe for a lean, healthy body. Because we believe in individual attention and injury prevention we keep our classes limited to 20 people. This also allows for you to have your own spot with enough equipment and space.

Lift & Blast will help you achieve your goals, and get the healthy body you deserve. Classes are offered at convenient times throughout the week; reserve your spot in class today!

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