Flex & Roll

  • A Mixture of Pilates, Yoga and more at The Fit Yard in St. Petersburg FL

Modern life has greatly reduced our ability to move our bodies in a healthy, full range of motion. From sitting in chairs, to driving cars, we just don’t spend enough time fully using our bodies, and stretching ourselves out to improve flexibility. The problem gets worse as we age, and our mobility diminishes more and more every year. On top of that, our busy lives cause our minds to run on overdrive 24/7. The mind needs exercise just like the body does to properly maintain focus and manage stress. Because mobility, flexibility and mental well-being are such important components of your overall health and longevity, we designed a specific Flex & Roll class.

Designed for all fitness levels, Flex & Roll is a 55 minute total body strength and stretch class inspired by yoga and pilates, with the addition of foam rolling, all set to music, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that will increase your range of motion and mental focus, while decreasing your stress and helping you stay injury free.

Flex & Roll is offered many times throughout the week, so it’s the perfect solution for busy people who need a quick boost to their physical and mental health. Class size is capped at 20 so secure your spot now!

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