Fit Yard Results – “Nothing Short of Amazing”


Fit Yard Results – “Nothing Short of Amazing”

In 18 months, since working with Karina, my body has changed and my results have been nothing short of AMAZING!  I was severely overweight and had all the markers of early onset heart disease; high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  I was taking medications for all of the symptoms but knew if I did not take my health seriously I was heading for serious trouble.  I went for my annual check-up and was read the riot act by my doctor.  This was enough to know I needed to make a change!

It took some courage but I tried my first spin class with Karina and loved it!   Karina was a great instructor, very motivating, challenging and I loved the format.   I took classes for a couple of months then began to take her Lift & Blast classes.  These classes help build muscle while raising your heart rate during certain segments (high intensity, interval training HIIT).    I was hooked immediately!  I noticed changes in my stamina and energy levels.

My confidence continued to grow and then Karina and I started working on my nutrition plan!  This is when the transformation really kicked into high gear.  Karina personally guided me and taught me how to make my nutrition a life style and not a diet.  Karina worked with me individually and identified what worked for me, she tailored my diet and exercise to become a way of life for me!

Amazing Fit Yard Transformation
Here are the numbers which speak volumes!!!  I have lost 80 pounds and a full 8 inches off my waist. I have gained lean muscle mass!  I am off all of my medications, my blood work is normal and I no longer need a sleep apnea machine!  I have a resting heart rate of 50 and have not felt this good in many years.  I can not thank Karina enough, when I started this journey she said, “Everyone has to start some place.”  I have often thought of this as I keep progressing forward in my fitness journey.

I highly recommend beginning your journey with Karina and the Fit Yard!


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