How We Do Body Composition Testing at the Fit Yard


How We Do Body Composition Testing at the Fit Yard

Body composition testing is how we determine an individual’s level of fat, muscle and other tissue. Proper body composition testing is very important, because unlike BMI or body weight, which don’t always give an accurate picture for different body types, body fat levels will always give us a clear insight into how healthy an someone is, and how much progress they’re making. Because we believe this is so important, we offer body composition testing services so that all our members have the ability to track their improvement, and see where they are.

There are tons of ways to measure body fat, ranging from body caliper measurements to hydro static testing in a tank. Not all measurements are equal of course, with some methods extremely being error prone and inconsistent. We wanted to offer the best to our clients, which is why we choose a combination of top-notch, medical grade methodologies to ensure we’re getting the most accurate measurements possible. We’re proud to offer a combined approach to body composition analysis that leverages the awesome capabilities of Fit3D and InBody 570. With these two technologies working in unison, we’re able to get an extremely accurate image of the body, so we can see the changes over time, as well as medical grade measurements of body fat.

The Fit3D gives quick 3D images of the body that allow us to detect posture problems, measure adipose levels and visualize the body’s composition clearly and easily. This is awesome, because we can see changes in the body as progress is made. It’s one thing to feel like you’re getting stronger, but Fit3D’s capabilities allow us to measure how much muscle has been gained, fat lost and total change achieved. We’re big on accountability, and this is an essential tool in helping everyone stay on track.

InBody 570 is a state-of-the-art body composition testing device that takes 8 points of measurement, and then gives you an extremely accurate body composition reading, as well as hydration. This is huge; it means that you can take the test at any time of day, without worrying about how hydrated you are, and still get precise results.

Both tests can be done in under 3 minutes, so you’re in and out quickly. We’re stoked to offer these two body composition tests for our clients, and we know that these tools help people stay accountable, keep on task and achieve goals.

Interested in our body composition testing, nutrition coaching or group training? We’d love to talk to you and let you know how the Fit Yard can help you be the best you possible. Contact us online or call at 727-216-9650, and we’ll show you how to go the whole 9 yards.