10 Questions Your Future Self Would Want You to Think About


10 Questions Your Future Self Would Want You to Think About

Given the chance, what do you think the future you would ask the you that exists in this moment? No doubt, a few pertinent questions would be raised. Since you can’t actually shift through time to carry out this exercise, here are 10 of the most likely queries the wise you yet to come would want you to consider.

Why do you spend time with people who bring you down?

Does someone in your life constantly lower your mood? Perhaps they treat you badly, take you for granted, or love negativity. No doubt, you continue to spend time with them out of habit. The idea you could phase out negative relationships and focus on relationships that elevate your mood may not have occurred to you yet.

Why don’t you take steps toward your dream?

Plenty of people wait until they are old before looking back at their lives and wondering why they didn’t try to turn their dreams into a reality. Your future self might be interested to know what stops you making your wishes come true. Are you waiting? If so, what for?

What are you afraid of?

The self you will become knows most of the things you’re afraid of aren’t worthy of your fear. They will turn out to be insignificant when you look at the big picture of your life. Put them in perspective, recognizing they won’t mean anything to you later.

Why do you waste time?

Your sage-like self of later years will be curious to understand why you hold yourself back. If you have a talent you don’t use or want to do something creative or inspiring, but don’t act on your urge to do so, you’re wasting time. Life is about gaining new experiences rather than thinking about them yet doing nothing.

Why don’t you improve your life?

Greater joy, success, and fulfillment might be just a few steps away. If you clear out the spare room so you can use it and lose a few pounds so your health improves, for instance, life will be better. Your future self may wonder why you don’t make those simple, obvious changes to your lifestyle to increase your quality of life fast.

Why do you seek approval?

Do you need the approval of your friends, colleagues, and neighbors? The future you will see approval-seeking as wasted time, energy, and emotion. You’ll never find out who you really are and what you can become until you strike out regardless of what people think of your behavior.

Why do you compare yourself to others?

With the advantage of hindsight, your future self will realize there’s no point comparing yourself to people. There’s no one with your unique DNA and personality, so how can you possibly measure yourself against another person accurately? Doing so makes you insecure and doesn’t help you shine.

Why don’t you feed your body quality foods?

In the future, you’ll understand the voice in your head advising you to stop eating and drinking processed junk with zero nutritional value was right. The long-term effects of consuming unhealthy foods will show in your skin, joints, and brain, not to mention waistline.

Why don’t you focus on what makes you happy now?

The future you might think it’s strange you spend most of your time planning how to be happy later rather than making yourself happy right now. Maybe you hate your job, but stick with it because you take home a decent salary.

The self you will be might know, however, the stress of being unhappy at work is likely to lead to burnout and unemployment when you can’t cope anymore. The smarter you from the future would remind you to grab happiness this second.

Why don’t you take control of your mood?

In later years, you might wonder why you spent days, months, or years feeling miserable when you could have taken charge of your mindset. Instead of finding concentrating difficult you could have increased your focus by listening to brainwave entrainment. Rather than being on edge, you could have relaxed by going for a walk in the countryside. You could have, but you didn’t. You can from this day forward though.

As you see, your thoughts and behavior now influence how healthy and happy you will be later. Take note of the questions mentioned and you can create a brilliant life to make your future self proud.  Here at the Fit Yard we take a holistic approach to health and fitness. Mind, body and spirit. Sign up for a class! Cheers to the best YOU!